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TLC Group Medical LLC is a unique provider of durable medical supplies. Our aim is to ensure that all of our customers feel safe and comfortable in knowing we support them. We know that using durable medical supplies is not always easy, therefor we have developed several programs to help acclimate our pediatric and teenage customers to our products. These special programs are stated and outlined below:


In servicing our pediatric patients we discovered a need for educational resources to help our children grow and gain a better understanding of their challenges, whether they be self-catheterization, ostomy, tracheotomy or spina bifida. Our pediatric patients face everyday challenges, that are at times almost impossible to understand, and thus we have created our Adopt-A-Doll program. Through this program, each of our pediatric patients receives a doll that supports them with their specific challenges. We view these dolls as a utility resource offering education, as well as, providing a support network, showing each child they’re not alone. These dolls are completely customizable, allowing the child to select their hair color, skin tone and name to be placed on their birth certificate.

We are strong advocates of NO BULLYING, and thus there are no logos or advertisements on our dolls.

(Studies show that children using dolls to teach Self Catheterization skills increase compliance and experience fewer complications)


We provide a Book Bag for Teens to carry their daily supplies with them when they are at school, or out and about.  Teens can peronalize their backpacks by choosing the color of the straps. These bookbags balance durability with a lightweight design, to accomodate our active customers.

The Book Bags don’t have any logos or advertising on them.
We are advocates of NO Bullying.

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